Steve Huziak was born in 1901 on the family homestead near the villages of Wroxton and Calder, Saskatchewan. A dedicated farmer, he lived on and worked that farm most of his life. In his youth, he played the tsymbaly at dances and weddings earning the money to buy a camera. He began taking pictures in 1920, the sole photographer in the area.

Steve photographed his friends from the neighbouring farms. They were the families of just a few out of thousands of Ukrainian immigrants who settled the Canadian West. He photographed them on their own land dressed in their Sunday best. In his learning of the science and art of photography, he captured on film the expressions of these everyday people. He shared his enjoyment of photography with them, generating Sunday-afternoon excitement in the community − “Look! Here comes Steve with his camera!”

After Steve died in 1990, his daughter Iris Kuzina salvaged seventy-eight photographs from his farmhouse. Faded and damaged, many have been digitally restored by Iris's daughter Jan Kuzina. These are the Prairie Faces collection showcased on this web site.

Prairie Faces is portrait photography from a by-gone era. It serves as a wonderful historical record and a lasting legacy for the settlers of the Wroxton and Calder area.

message from granddaughter Jan

  Photo of Steve Huziak
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