Wonder. Substance. Life. That's what I saw in these images when my mother first showed them to me. I was inspired to design a website devoted to this nostalgic and captivating portrayal of prairie faces as seen through the eyes of Steve Huziak.

Also, we are thrilled to feature two pictures of Steve (this page and the previous page) taken in the mid-1920s with his camera.

My mother and I hope that you share in the delight of these images.

Can you help?

Only some of the names of the people in the photographs are known. These people retrieved from oblivion look at us knowingly; they send us time-immobilized gestures, the sign of existencemaybe someone will recognize us.

My mother and I are eager to communicate with anyone who can identify the people in any of the images. They are likely from the Zelaney, Martyniuk (Martiniuk), Fyck, Podollan, Bebyck, Tymchuk, Schab, Lozinski, Angielsky, Yasinkski, Derworiz, Eftoda, Kawula (Kowela), Antochow, Medwid, Wandy, Nowicky families and others. Help us preserve the history and heritage of the Wroxton and Calder farmers by sharing your knowledge and family information.


  Photo of Steve Huziak
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