Pawlina Demchuk MacQuarrie, producer and host of Nash Holos Ukrainian radio program.
“If you'd like a glimpse into life on the Canadian prairies for Ukrainian settlers check out this website. It's a collection of photos taken in the Wroxton and Calder areas in Saskatchewan in the 1920s. (The area is not far from where I grew up, and I recall driving by those towns countless times on the way to and from Yorkton.)

The website is absolutely gorgeous and the photos are accompanied by a bit of colourful commentary ... either some info about the people in the photo or, where there was none, some interesting speculation ... Well worth a visit!” 
[Nash Holos website]

Verna Stecy, Dauphin, Manitoba
"I've viewed Prairie Faces and have enjoyed it tremendously. I really enjoyed your contribution of relating stories about the photos. You did a great job, both from the personal, as well as global perspective in terms of community, national and political views."

Ostap Skrypnyk, Executive Director, Ukrainian Canadian Congress
"Thanks for putting up these photos. They're wonderful. Good luck with your future work. Best regards! Na vse dobre!"

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