Joanne Kozlowski, Regina, Saskatchewan
"Our mothers were cousins (my mom is pictured with yours on the tractor in the family section). Soon after my mom died we found a shoe box full of old photographs ... I was always intrigued by the artistic quality of the photographs; it was apparent from the start that they were not taken by someone playing around with the camera. Having looked at your website, it is obvious now that they must have been taken by your grandfather. He was certainly very talented. Thanks for taking the time to create this website. I really enjoyed looking through it."

Myron Momryk, Ottawa, Ontario
"I would like to thank all those who were involved in setting up this web site ... I hope that I can include the information in the May Newsletter of the Ukrainian Genealogy Group here in Ottawa."

Sheldon Diduck, Medicine Hat, Alberta
"What a great job you did putting these photos together, along with the captions ... Thanks for doing this and sharing it for many to see!  I've enjoyed them immensely, along with my sister Gloria and my dad, Anton. I also showed them to my mom Mary, who lives in Yorkton. I recall as a boy in the 1960s going to your grandfather's yard and helping him to put out a fire that happened in his shop ... thanks for the memories!"

Mary Bryski, Poestenkill, New York
"You cannot imagine my joy and surprise when gazing at the photos and stumbling across my beloved gido, Paul Bryski! I had no idea he had a web presence The site is lovely. Thanks so much for your dedication to keeping these memories alive."

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