Shelley Kloczko
"My family is from Wroxton, the Rogoza’s. I am a family historian researching my family; however, I have very little information on them. Finding your website today brought joy to my heart. The photographs gave me a glimpse into the lives of my family that settled in the area about 1902 and remained until the 1940s. What a great site! You are so lucky to have these photographs."

Bev Tatarniuk, Yorkton, Saskatchewan
"My relatives lived around the Wroxton area and someone told me about your website. When looking through the gallery of photos, I recognized my grandmother Nettie Dubnyk in photo #21 … Your website is very interesting and a great tribute to your grandfather!"

Vivienne Parkes, British Columbia
”Tonight I decided to google ‘Huziak’. Richard & my brother Danny were listed along with the photos you have posted. They are quite amazing. I remember going out to Uncle Steve's farm when I was a child living in Kamsack. His turkeys always chased me leaving me in a state of complete terror. Some things you just don't forget!”

Angie Skiba, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
"I was very pleased to view the pictures on your website. Some of these are pictures of my grandparents, father (Pete Matsyk) and aunts. I very well remember the Huziak family as we all attended the same church in Wroxton when I was a young child. It is nice to know that some of our history is being preserved."

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