Arnie and Doreen Otto, Winnipeg. Manitoba
"My wife and I were sent a link to your web site a few days ago. It was sent to us by a fellow member of the East European Genealogical Society … thinking we would enjoy some of the old pictures. What she did not realize is that the pictures were really pictures of extended members of my Wife Doreen (Felewich) Otto's family … Thanks for letting us share your site."

Joan Kozushka, Yorkton, Saskatchewan
"… I know the people in picture #14; the little girl is mother, her maiden name was Mary Matcyk (Podollan) daughter of Steve and Anne Matcyk. The older girl is my mother’s aunt Nellie Matcyk (Kohuch), sister to Steve … We certainly appreciate all your hard work in restoring the pictures and I have enjoyed viewing your website."

Barry Kazakoff
"I find your site interesting and it is great to see some of our heritage being preserved by people like you, there is much out there that is scattered about and no one knows who the people are because most that knew are not any longer with us, so sad. Once they are gone the information is gone with them forever … So I have a few names for you to add to your photo PORTRAIT IN SNOW ... these were my aunt, uncle, grandparents and great grandmother. I am sure there are people that would be excited to see these photos ... I am spreading the word.”




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